Ema Tanovic, Student at Yale University: I am planning to finish my PhD at the Age of 26


A brilliant young woman from Sarajevo, Ema Tanovic, is making her way to a prosperous future. After she graduated with high honors and was one of the top eight students at Wesleyan University last year, she enrolled at the prestigious Yale.

“After a long process of applying to doctoral programs, I was accepted to study clinical psychology at Yale University, in the laboratory of Dr. Juta Joormann,” said Ema, adding that she is very happy about it.

“I really wanted to go to Yale, both because of my mentor and the excellent resources that Yale offers for research and graduate student training,” explained this 22-year-old expert who already has an impressive CV with awards for excellence in psychology, scientific publications, and conference presentations.

Ema has four types of obligations at the doctoral program: research, which she hopes to publish in scientific journals in psychology and present at conferences throughout the United States, and psychotherapy with clients, which is supervised by a licensed clinical psychologist. She also has a number of courses where she is a classic student, and she also works as teaching assistant.

When asked to explain what the problems that she studies in her research are, Ema said: “My research concerns how individuals reason about and anticipate the future, especially when it is uncertain. The inability to act adaptively in uncertain situations may be a key risk factor for anxiety and depression. Thus, my program of research investigates (1) how uncertainty affects domains like decision making, emotion, cognitive control, and prospective memory; and (2) how differences in responses to uncertainty may confer risk for anxiety and depression. I do this using multiple methods, including functional magnetic resonance imaging, event-related potentials, and behavioral tasks. I hope to continue my research after Yale and to become a professor.”

“When I have a bit more free time I go to New York, which is about an hour and a half away by train. I still manage to come home to Sarajevo during the summer and winter holidays, for at least two to three weeks, although it is a bit more difficult these days because of how much there is to do in graduate school,” said this successful young woman, who is the granddaughter of our great poet Nasiha Kapidzic Hadzic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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