Elmir Jukić in the jury of the ”Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds”

Elmir Jukić,  Saša Hajduković, Vildana Drljević, Emir Pekmez, Almir Tucaković are officialy the members of the jury of the ”Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds” Awards 2013. This is a program that offers young people the opportunity to show their creativity and passion   for film and to become a part of the glamorous award show of the ”Empire Magazine” in London 2013. From this year on, Bosnian film amateurs also have the opportunity to participate.

‘’ We will have the opportunity to see Bosnian humor, inventiveness, and readiness at hand. Who knows, maybe some Bosnian film amateur succeeds to take the first prize and walks on the red carpet as a celebrity. What we know is that everything is possible.’’- said Elmir Jukić.

All who want to apply have to choose their favorite film, shoot a shorter version of it in the duration of 60 seconds and upload it on by the 2oth January 2013. All who upload their videos should invite their friends to like the film. Only five most liked films will be evaluated by the jury. The jury will also chose the winner or B&H representative in London.

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