Eleven Foreign Nationals expelled from Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the last seven days, the Service for Foreigners of Bosnia and Herzegovina had removed 11 foreign nationals, including four Turkish nationals, four Albanian nationals, two Afghan nationals and one Syrian national. Foreign nationals were previously ordered to be expelled, and until their removal from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they remained under supervision at the Immigration Center.

Pursuant to the Readmission Agreement with the Republic of Serbia, the Syrian citizen and the citizens of Afghanistan were returned to the Republic of Serbia, while the citizens of Albania and Turkey were returned to their countries of origin.

6,377 migrants are currently staying in temporary reception centers, it is stated in the announcement of the Service for Foreigners’ Affairs.

Since the beginning of this year, the Service for Foreigners has registered 13,683 migrants who have expressed an intention to apply for asylum, which is 45 percent less than in the same period last year when the Service registered 25,076 migrants who expressed an intention to seek asylum.

This month, the Service registered 1,207 migrants who expressed an intention to seek asylum, which is 34 percent less than in September this year when 1,837 migrants were registered, which continues the trend of decreasing new arrivals and registered migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was stated from the Service for Foreigners.

As a result of continuous operational activities, the Service for Foreigners has issued expulsion measures for 13 foreign nationals with a ban on entry and residence in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including citizens of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, for the past seven days due to illegal entry or stay.

These foreign nationals have been placed under surveillance in the Immigration Center or their movement to a certain place is restricted until they leave the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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