Elektroprivreda of RS announces several Investments worth 500 Million BAM

Elektroprivreda of the RS / ERS / made some serious investment plans for this year, within which it will invest around 500 million BAM in existing facilities and the construction of new ones, and this enterprise will pay great attention to ecology as well, as stated by the executive director for technical services of ERS, Maksim Skoko.

Skoko also noted that a total of 280 million BAM is planned for new facilities, including HPP “Dabar”, wind farm “Hrgud”, HPP “Bocac 2”, and the investment in activities related to HPP “Buk Bijela” and TPP “Gacko 2”.

When it comes to investments in existing facilities, Skoko noted that significant funds will be invested in the overhaul of TPP “Gacko”, which is expected to be conducted in April, as well as in the distribution network in the territory of the RS.

“Investments in ecology are really necessary. The biggest investment refers to desulphurization of TPP “Ugljevik”, after which it will have all the conditions for long-term work in compliance with European environmental standards,” said Skoko.

He also emphasized the good work of the Mine and TPP “Gacko” last year, and stated that it was the largest producer of electricity in the system.

Skoko said that the first nine months of the year are promising since the rainfall contributed to the filling of accumulations and good electricity production.


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