‘Elektroprivreda B&H’ Achieved Record Production of Electricity Since 1990

struja-dalekovod‘Elektroprivreda B&H’ achieved a record production of electricity, and production is related to the same production capacity from 1990. A total of 7.310 GWh has been produced, and the expectation is that at the end of the year a total of around 7.450 GWH would be produced. General Director of ‘Elektroprivreda B&H’ Elvedin Grabovica said that the employees of this company should be congratulated for these results.

‘’To achieve a record production of electricity in the last 23 years was possible thanks to the expertise and accountability of our employees expressed through leadership, adequate planning and maintaining production capacity of high-level operational readiness and availability’’, said Grabovica.

2013 was a year of investment of ‘Elektroprivreda B&H’ in the mines of Koncern and the year in which significant progress was made in preparing for the start of construction of new facilities, said in a statement by this company.


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