Electronic Manual created for BH Diaspora

The group of students realizes the project “Administrative Manual for BH Diaspora” through the one-year program “Humanity in Action BiH”.

The aim is to create the manual in electronic format that will provide easier access to information related to administrative processes and obtaining documents in different institutions for BH Diaspora.

“In this way, we want to enable Diaspora to perform certain tasks and obligations in BiH in an easier way, which will improve communication between Diaspora and BH institutions,” as noted by team members of the project.

The manual includes numerous documents such as citizenship certificate, birth certificate, ID card, driver’s licenses, passports, legal conditions for tax return, voting in elections in BiH, entry of the fact of death, etc.

“Since there is an increasing number of our fellow citizens and who are moving from BiH, we decided to include them in a way, i.e. to bring them closer to solutions to the problems they are dealing with. Although the manual is intended for BH Diaspora, it can also be used by our local population, because there is no large difference, in obtaining, let’s say, an ID card,” said Mirnes Cerimovic.

The authors of this project are currently in the phase of promotion and, among other things, they will offer the competent institutions to continue with this project within which they are planning to expand the content of the manual.

(Source: klix.ba)

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