Electronic Health Card in the Sarajevo Canton

zavod zdr. osiguranja ksToday at the Sarajevo Canton has officially started the use of electronic health cards and this is a pilot project which will lead the complete abolition of the authorization of health books and waiting in lines.

The introduction of electronic cards is discussed for years both in KS and in the Federation, but the system should become operational now. This is a capital project in the field of health care, and to the end of the year should be issued the first 20,000 cards, and after that the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina should be included in the system.


The advantages of these cards are huge, it means that patients no longer have to go to certify the heath care books, waiting in lines, and will increase the efficiency of scheduling visits to the doctor. Electronic card is one of the synonyms of the European Union.

(Source: klix.ba)

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