Electricity Excises: Harmonization of Fees with the EU Standards

By the end of the year, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) will have to introduce electricity excise taxes in accordance with the EU directives.

As stated in daily “Nezavisne”, a new excise tax law is being drafted, which should be adopted by the end of June this year, after which a rulebook will be made, in which, at the latest by the end of the year, amount of excise tax on electricity for households and businesses will be determined.

Also, the option to exclude household electricity excises is considered, while it is still not mentioned how much excise taxes would amount for legal entities and the economy, but no final decision has yet been made.

Namely, the Directive 2003/96/EC from October 27th 2003 stipulates that the minimum excise tax on electricity for business and legal persons should be half of euro per megawatt and one euro for households, ie for non-business application.

As “Nezavisne” writes, the mentioned directive gives the possibility of setting the excise rate on electricity to amount of zero, but under certain conditions. In practice, however, in most European countries, positive excise taxes on electricity are in the range of one to one hundred euros per megawatt hour.




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