Elections in the USA will change the Future of the World Economy

b_161109014In the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the global markets reacted negatively and the world stock exchange recorded a fall after the presidential election results in the USA.

According to the U.S. media, the market fell by 650 points in trade after working hours, and the Dow Jones index fell by more than 750 points, Standard & Poor’s 500 by 63 points, Nasdaq by more than 100 points, and Nikkei fell by more than five percent in Tokyo.

Mexican pesos recorded a fall by 12 percent, which is the biggest drop of the Mexican currency since 1995.

That is partially because 80 percent of Mexican export goes to the USA and many people believe that Trump will withdraw the agreement on free oil trade and build a wall between Mexico and the USA, which can be disastrous for Mexican economy,

One thing is certain – elections in the USA will change the future of the world economy.


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