Eighty Workers lost Job in One Factory in Modrica


In the “Alfa” footwear factory in Modrica, 80 workers lost their jobs on August 1, Avaz news portal reports.

These are mostly workers who worked for a certain period of time and their contracts were not extended, but a significant number of workers who were employed for an indefinite period were also fired, according to Srpskainfo.

Among those fired are pregnant women and workers who were on sick leave, and the reason is the big problems due to the loss of orders from abroad, which is a consequence of coronavirus.

The “Alfa” footwear factory was the focus of the coronavirus at the beginning of June, because more than 30 workers became infected in a few days.

The owner of the company, Ilija Jeftic, stated earlier in June that “Alfa”, which until recently employed 450 workers, would get out of the crisis, because “it has the support of foreign partners”, and that “no one will stay on the street”.

Other companies in the field of leather and textile industry could soon face similar problems, because there are fewer and fewer orders for these kind of jobs, according to experts in this industry.

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