Eighty Tonns of Garbage collected in a Five Days Long Cleaning Action in Canton Sarajevo

After five days of carrying out the “Time to Clean” action at thirteen locations in the Sarajevo Canton, tens of tons of rubbish were collected.

The spokesperson of the “KJKP Park” Aldijana Hamza said that the Center (Breka and Vilsonovo promenade), Novi Sarajevo (Dzemala Bijedica and Vilsonovo), in Novi Grad (Majdanska, Prvomajska, Ive Andric, Ante Babic, the cemetery at Alipasino Polje B and the area near the elementary school “Mesa Selimovic” and “Fatima Gunic”), Ilidza (Hrasnica I and II) and Vogosca (Partizan “Zvijezda”), were cleaned.

“Along with the original planned locations, we have also added a playground on Sip and a promenade in the area of Centar Municipality. All day long, our mechanization is on working and tonns of rubbish have been removed from public green areas, and this shows us how the individual behaves towards the green areas, “Hamza said for Klix.ba news portal.

During the 60 days it is planned to clean up 80 locations in Canton Sarajevo which are not included in the regular maintenance program of the KJKP Park.

Workers of the KJKP Work have removed 80 tons of rubbish within this action for five days, and only 30 tons of rubbish have been removed on the first day at Alipasino Polje, Barice and Vogosca.

It is praiseworthy that ordinary citizens joined the action of cleaning green areas around their buildings and housing. The goal of this action, besides doing a more beautiful and clearer area of Canton Sarajevo, is to raise awareness of the environment, Klix.ba news portal reports.

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