After eight Years of waiting Parents got Triplets thanks to in vitro Fertilization

November 15, 2016 5:45 PM

5802a1d7-8624-4595-ad53-559a0a0a0a64-trojke-foca45-696x456-718x446Married couple Jovana and Darko Žižović from Rogatica became happy parents of two girls and one boy after eight years of waiting. Thanks to in vitro fertilization in the University Hospital Foča, Mia, Anastasija and Teodor saw the light of the day.

The babies are still in an incubator and their parents’ happiness is endless. Jovana says that Teodor is the calmest one, unlike his sisters who are sometimes restless. The most beautiful moment in Jovana and Darko’s life was when the triplets were born, but their happiness is also the happiness of doctors in the hospital in Foča.

It seemed impossible that Žižović couple will make their life dream come true. They have been trying for years, searched for help, tries every possible option, but without success. Despite the fact that everything was well in terms of medical conditions, there were no results. However, they did not lose hope that their home will once be filled by joy and squeal of children voices.

“When we failed becoming parents after several years, we decided to try in vitro fertilization. The process is not so exhausting physically as the waiting of the end result, pregnancy, is. The most difficult moment was after the first failure. That was when we started doubting that we will ever become parents,” Jovana said.

However, with the support of family and doctors they decided to try again, for the second time.

“The second time we weren’t even hoping, but things come when you least expect them. When we saw the first positive result, we couldn’t believe. Fifteen days later I went to the first ultrasound examination where another shock came – three heart actions were recorded. We were happy and concerned at the same time because doctors told us about the risks of such pregnancy,” said Jovana.

But the desire was stronger than anything.

“With the support of doctors, we decided to keep all three babies. The pregnancy went by without any problems and in the 34th week we became parents of three healthy babies. The feeling is truly amazing. What else is there to say? Never give up on your dreams and fight for what you want, the effort always pays off,” said Jovana.

Jovana and Darko are now the happiest parents in the world, largely thanks to the quality laws in the smaller BiH entity which give couples right to two free of charge attempts of in vitro fertilization. Such case is not seen in FBiH and countries in the region, Serbia and Montenegro.



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