What have Egyptian Experts said about Bosnian Pyramids?

It’s almost 10 years since the first visit of a team of leading Egyptian experts to the Bosnian pyramids.

Prof. dr. Nabil Swelim, a triple doctor of archeological science and founder of four pyramids in Egypt, Dr. Ali Barakat, who worked in Egypt’s Public Administration for Underground Wealth, Prof. dr. Mona Aly, the head of the Conservationist Department of the Archeological Faculty of the University of Cairo, and Prof. dr. Hamed El Haweli, an Egyptologist from the University of Cairo, visited the first European pyramids in the summer of 2017.

After a week-long visit to all archeological locations in Visoko, their conclusion is unanimous: “The Bosnian Sun Pyramid is the largest pyramid in the world and the world will know Bosnia as a land of pyramids. The prime minister of the Federation, the prime minister of the Zenica-Doboj Canton and the mayors of Sarajevo and Visoko met with them. The Minister for Culture, who did everything he could to stifle the project of exploring the pyramids, and the members of the Commission for National Memorials, who three times expanded the protective zone around the Bosnian Sun Pyramid and, therefore, made further exploration by the Foundation “Archeological Park: Bosnian Sun Pyramid” impossible, refused to meet the team.”

The head of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Antiquities stopped the international promotion of the Bosnian pyramids. Geologist Ali Barakata was dismissed after his return from BiH and Dr. Swellim was threatened with the loss of his pension if he continued to support the project.

Despite the efforts of domestic and international archeologists and historians, the Bosnian pyramids became the most active archeological location in the world at which each year, several hundred volunteers from across the world work, which many world renown experts visits and tens of thousands of guests from all continents come to visit.


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