Effects of the New Law on Traffic: Number of Accidents and Deaths in BiH finally reduced

January 30, 2018 1:15 PM

The amended Law on Traffic Safety in BiH, which has been in force for a year, brought positive impacts in our country. This is proved by the data on a decreased number of traffic accidents that were recorded by almost all ministries of internal affairs in BiH.

From most of MIA BiH was stated that the new law brought numerous positive effects, but that the better security of traffic on the roads in BiH was contributed by increased activity of police officers’ as well.

Last year, the number of traffic accidents in the Zenica-Doboj Canton was decreased by 244 accidents or by 5.4 % compared to the year of 2016. Thus, the number of injured persons was decreased by 99 persons or by 12.4 %, while the number of seriously injured persons was lower by 52 persons or 27.8 %. The number of fatalities was decreased by 17 persons, or 44.7 %.

The number of traffic accidents was decreased in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton last year. The spokesman of the MIA HNC, Ljudevit Maric, stated that they recorded a total of 2,016 traffic accidents, which is by 325 less than in the year of 2016. In these accidents, a total of 35 people died, 131 were seriously injured, and 683 suffered minor injuries.

“A total of 9,637 traffic accidents were recorded in the territory of the RS in 2017, which is less by 1,5 % than in the year of 2016 when a total of 9,784 traffic accidents were recorded. A total of 102 accidents took place in this period, with 114 fatalities, which is by 12 % less in comparison to the previous year,” as stated from the MIA RS.

“I can say that a decrease in the number of traffic accidents has been recorded, and we managed to reduce the number of offenses. The amended law, but also our activities, made positive moves,” said Suvada Kuldija, the spokeswoman for the MIA of Canton Sarajevo.

“The number of deaths was decreased by 50 %, the number of people with severe injuries by 19.3 %, and the number of people with smaller body injuries by 2.2 %,” as stated from the MIA USC.

“We are trying to maintain this positive trend of the decrease of the number of traffic accidents and their consequences,” as noted from the MIA of the Una Sana Canton.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)


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