Edo Maajka, Frenkie and Strava Škola held an excellent concert in Dom Mladih

Muzicka scena Kaktus - Edo Maajka & Frenkie 02Last night, on 21 June, citizens of Sarajevo enjoyed the music of Edo Maajka, Frenkie and Strava Škola which was held in Dom Mladih in Sarajevo as a part of the project Music Scene ‘Kaktus’.

The rap musicians offered the audience great time. The concert started with the performance of MCs from Sarajevo Amer Ćanaković Ćana and Admir Čular Gaga, who recently released their song ‘Huja’.

After that the most famous MC of the Balkans Edo Maajka started with his repertoire, together with his friend and colleague Frenkie.

With the intention of reviving the tradition of former renowned club ‘Kaktus’ which existed until 1992 as a part of Dom Mladih, where many BiH bands performed, every Friday until 5 July a concerts BiH bands will be held and also younger bands will have the opportunity to play and promote their music.

Sponsors of the project are ‘Sarajevsko pivo’ ‘Coca-Cola’ , ‘Jaegermeister’, and media partners are Antena Sarajevo, and Sarajevo Navigator.

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