Edin Forto returned 5188 BAM of Flat Rate to the Budget of the CS

December 28, 2015 5:10 PM

fortoEdin Forto, delegate of Our Party in the House of Peoples of the FB&H and member of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, paid on behalf of public revenues of the Sarajevo Canton a total of 5188 BAM, thus returning the money he received on behalf of ministerial flat rate in the Assembly.

“With this step, I wanted to send a concrete message to the citizens, and I invite all the other delegates who receive double amount of flat rates and salaries to give up of unjustified privileges that they have. Regard this, we asked for changes in the legal framework for salaries and benefits on the level of the FB&H, as well as Canton Sarajevo, which are still providing professional delegates to receive both salary and a flat rate for the same job. I hope that we will cut the privileges of officials in the upcoming year. If we talk about savings, let’s start from ourselves. This was and still is the policy of Our Party,” said Forto.

(Source: klix.ba)

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