Edin Forto is the new President of Our Party

At the Second Extraordinary Congress of Our Party, which was held today in Sarajevo, Edin Forto, the current Prime Minister of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, was elected president.

After that, Forto addressed the delegates of the Congress and the public. He thanked for the nominations and the election and presented his vision of the development of Nasa strankA, which is optimistic, but not without anxiety:

“Nationalist policies in power, but also where they are in opposition, spread apathy and pessimism. Their goal is to put all politicians in the same basket with themselves. If they succeed in their intention, if political apathy reigns, they are the ones who will win again. We must not allow them to do that, because we are not all the same. We fight that every man, regardless of religious, national, gender, sexual and class difference, cannot be subjected to harassment and insecurity. All citizens must have the same rights. In Our Party, no one has ever been discriminated against on the aforementioned grounds. That is our value and therefore we have no right to be silent. Therefore, at the beginning of this new stage of our journey, I promise to return to where we started. In a place where no individual interest is more important than the perspective of our citizens, our children, ” Forto said.

The Program Declaration of Our Party was also adopted at the Congress.

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