Edin and Amra Dzeko sent Gifts for Children with Cancer

Edin and Amra Dzeko prepared and sent gifts for children who are being treated at the hematooncology departments in Sarajevo and Tuzla, and sent a video message for each of them in which they expressed sadness that they could not visit them, but sent them words of support and love.

”The joy and excitement of the children could not be hidden. This act of love caused them happiness and joy, and brought countless smiles. A smile is ultimately the only thing that counts, because making a child laugh in the darkest days, the days when he is fighting for his life, is priceless. After that gesture, the children got a new impetus. They are looking forward to the moment when the pandemic will pass and they will have the opportunity to meet their friends, Edin and Amra,” it was pointed out.

According to the Association, Edin and Amra Dzeko are always there when needed, on nice and less nice days. They are a support and always bring love with them.

”Although the pandemic prevented them from being physically there, they did not allow it to prevent them from showing that they care and care,” it is underlined.

Edin and Amra Dzeko continuously support children with cancer, and the Association ‘Heart for Children with Cancer’ has chosen Amra as an ambassador in a project called the Ambassador of the Association ‘Heart for Children with Cancer’.

(Photo: story.hr)

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