Eco zone Koricani-Vlasic: Project worth 3 billion Euros waiting

Eko zone Vlasic (1)The project worth around 3 billion euros should be built at the plateau of Vlasic in the village Koricani. But, before the start of the building, investors require the State to guarantee for it.

As finds out, the project named “Eco zone Koricani-Vlasic“ should occupy the surface of 20 square kilometers, and as a part of which the building of health and educational, sport and recreational and tourism center was planned.

As a part of “Eko zone“, the building of luxury villas was planned, for which there is a great interest already, and also the building of the Clinic for rehabilitation, artificial lake, aqua park, educational center, multiplex building with apartments and business offices, and also the building of the airport which should be around 3 kilometers far from Eko zone.

As a part of the center, the building of two stadiums (indoor and outdoor) was also planned, gym, track, Olympic pool and all other facilities needed for the preparation of sport teams.

Zoran Vujinovic, the director of the company TLG from Travnik, which is included in the realization of this project, said for that funds are ready, but they don’t want to start such project without the state guarantees.

“We are waiting for the formation of the Government of BiH in order to start procedures for obtaining guarantees and to start with the realization of the project“, said he. He mentions that investors, who will finance this project, should visit BiH in April this year.

“The building can start the same day after issuing state guarantees. BiH must stand behind this project if wants to realize it.  Indirect and direct benefits of this project are enormous. 50.000 workplaces are planned directly, and indirectly twice more in secondary and tertiary areas“, states Vujinovic.

As a part of the complex, the artificial lake of water surface of 10-20 acres will be built. The excess of water from the lake will be distributed to small Hydro power stations at the river Ugar and on that way provide the electricity self-powering from renewable energy resources for needs of the Center. The need for thermal energy will be solved through the combination of solar panels, biomass and thermal springs, and the biomass will be provided by the forest sector.

The complex will have its own factory for the processing of communal waste into pyrolysis fuels, and those will provide the distribution of electrical and thermal energy for the purposes of the Center.


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