EC conducted a TAIEX Peer Review Mission on the Prison System in BiH

The European Commission and the BiH Directorate for European Integration conducted a TAIEX Peer Review Mission on the Prison System and the Prevention of Ill-Treatment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 24 to 28 September 2018.

The aim of the mission is to provide the European Commission and the BiH authorities with an assessment of the overall situation in the country in terms of effectively running the prison system and ensuring prevent of torture and ill-treatment in detention throughout the country, in line with European standards.

The mission was conducted by two experts from the UK (Scotland) and Sweden with a long experience in the field, who were able to discuss with all competent authorities, including assistant ministers at state and entity level as well as to visit several places of deprivation of liberty, including prisons, police stations, immigration detention and forensic psychiatry throughout the country.

Their assessment will result in an independent expert report with clear recommendations for the BiH authorities. The expert report will also contribute to the preparation of the Opinion of the European Commission to the EU Council on the application of Bosnia and Herzegovina for EU membership.


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