‘Did the EC ask Croatian Government to resolve the Border with BiH before the Construction of the Peljesac Bridge?’

January 17, 2018 11:45 AM

Is it true that the European Commission asked the Government of Croatia to resolve the issue of border with BiH before the start of the construction of the Peljesac Bridge, asked Ivan Lovrinovic, the president of political party Promijenimo Hrvatsku (Let’s change Croatia). He noted that he received the information from circles close to the government, and he wants to know if it is possible to delay the construction of this capital project for Croatia.

“We received the information that the European Commission requested from Croatia to resolve the issue of border at sea with BiH before the realization of the construction of Peljesac bridge from the very top of the Government. Therefore, I am asking the prime minister did the EC ask for a solution of the issue of the borderline at sea with BiH in any kind of document in the last three months and is the start of the construction related to the border agreement between BiH and Croatia on the sea,” asked Lovrinovic. He also asked whether their partners in the EU will respect Croatian sovereignty and the fact that the Peljesac Bridge is constructed on its territory.

“In case they do not respect sovereignty and they freeze funding until the issue with the borderline is resolved, we ask is the government planning to react and what will be its stand in this case? Did the European Commission, before approving the funding, asked from the Government to submit a guarantee that an agreement is reached between Croatia and BiH regarding the Peljesac Bridge? If the information we learned is true, we ask for the answer whether it is related to the best offer and the choice of a Chinese contractor to construct the Peljesac bridge with the EU funds,” said Lovrinovic. When we realize all of this, he asked what the Croatian diplomacy and politics has been doing over the past 20 years and have not resolved the open issues with their neighbours.

He is also interested if the visit of the President of the Republic of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic to BiH has anything to do with this letter of the EC.

“If she is aware of that letter, we want her to answer from BiH whether this information is true. And if she does not know anything about it, then it will be another confirmation that there are at least two foreign policies present in Croatia,” noted Lovrinovic.

(Source: vecernji.hr)




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