E-register now available on the Official Web Portal of the Government of CS

e-registerPresentation of e-registry, which is the registry of administrative procedures in Canton Sarajevo, was the subject of yesterday’s working-consultative meeting of Prime Minister of CS Elmedin Konakovic, ministers in the Government of CS and businessmen from CS with representatives of the World Bank, IFC and the British Embassy in BiH.

It is a register which will be important in the process of establishment of simpler and faster procedure of registration of business entities and creating a better business environment, and it is now available on the first page of the official web portal of the Government of the CS.

“E-register is one of the most modern and the best tools for improvement of administrative procedures. We already have a clear indication that this government achieved that now we have 3,500 more employees in the real sector in comparison to the same period last year, and about 700 employees less in the public administration, thanks to the strong support of the World Bank and the British Embassy”, said the Prime Minister Konakovic.

“Unique electronic register was put into operation, which is aimed to provide access in a transparent manner to all companies in CS, as well as information on all permits, incentives, fees and related costs, and forms necessary for their business. This is just one of measures that have been achieved in the last 11 months, when we launched a project called LIFE, in cooperation with the Government of CS and the Government of Great Britain,” explained Head of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in BiH Lada Busevac, on behalf of World Bank Group.

She emphasized that some of these measures produced remarkable results that can be measured as the direct benefits to the private sector, namely the savings of 2, 5 million BAM especially when it comes to reducing the cost of administrative procedures.

“Some of these measures include reducing registration fees by 80 %, reducing taxes for the Land Register by 50 % and more,” said Busevac and added that this would not be possible without the great cooperation which had been established with the Government of CS and support of Great Britain. At the meeting were presented the results achieved within the LIFE project that are aimed at attracting investment and improving the business environment at the level of BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)


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