E-national Team of Bosnia and Herzegovina ready for e-EURO 2020


The e-national team members of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Feđa Đedović and Igor Zečević, who will compete in Group A, together with the teams of Germany, Spain and Romania, are also qualified for this competition.

The captain of our team, Feđa Đedović, points out that the team is ready for the EURO:

“We trained hard, more than expected and as much as our regular obligations allowed. We had a lot of preparatory matches, we analysed our opponents as much as we could and now, we will have the final tournament, which we are ready for. As a captain, I guarantee that we will do our best to reach the knockout phase, and everything is possible there. Honestly, I wish for at least the semi-finals, but to qualify for the EURO is a big thing considering how much is invested in E-sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Igor Zečević also commented on the preparations:

“We tried to use all our free time for quality training matches against the best national teams in Europe. I think we are ready and we expect to pass the group, and then maybe reach the semi-finals or the finals, why not.”

About the opponents in the group, Đedović says:

“Spain is one of the top 3 favourites of the championship. They have three players in their squad who play for Bayern E-sport team and one is a Barcelona member. Germany has 3 national team players who play for Schalke 04 and those two national teams are the favourites in this group, but they are teams that both Igor and I can deal with. The third team is Romania, which is underestimated, and they have one phenomenal player who can certainly win anybody and who can be an advantage for them. Romanians and us can be seen as shadow favourites in this competition.”

Zečević also thinks that the group is demanding:

“We are in the strongest group in the competition. A lot is expected of us, but we should be aware that the guys who play for Germany and Spain usually defend the colours of Barcelona, Bayern and Schalke 04, and their only job is to play PES. Given that they are well-paid e-athletes, and we are not at all, the difference in quality is not so great and I hope that we will show and prove that we are better and stronger than them.”

The first match of the tournament, the national teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be played against Germany tomorrow at 12:30 h.


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