Dzumhur: The Goal is to stay in the First Group, I want to get into the Top 60

dzumhurThe best BH tennis player Damir Dzumhur held a press conference at the premises of the Olympic Committee of BiH, at which he talked about the performance of the team on Davis Cup.

Moreover, Dzumhur became the ambassador of the Museum of War Childhood. The aim is to promote partnership between top-level sport and culture.

“As for the Davis Cup, we finally managed to go in the first group after seven years. This time we had the chance, we played well throughout the season, and their best player Berankis was injured. Our goal is to stay in the first group. We will play against Poland in the first round and I think it’s an opportunity to make a spectacle. I think we can do it, and even if we lose we have the opportunity to correct that score against Hungary. We will try to pass and fight for a duel with the Netherlands,” said Dzumhur.

“I am satisfied with my season. I achieved a lot of things that I wanted. We are constantly improving and I think that everyone in my team can see that and be satisfied. I have had a tough schedule in recent weeks, I traveled a lot. It is the end of the season, and a bit of fatigue is present which can be seen in the results, but I hope that I will succeed to sort it all out and to make a few results that will “push” me in the Top 60,” said Dzumhur.

“I was hoping for a better result, but a lot of the things influenced on that day I was not in the best shape. The Olympics came at a bad time. I came to the second part of the season without a break. I got sick on the first day, and I was on antibiotics. I wanted to achieve victory and I am very sorry for that. I hope to achieve a better result in Tokyo, which is my goal,” said Dzumhur.

“After a few days of rest in Sarajevo, I am traveling in Morocco. I will play two Challenger tournaments in Moscow. Later will follow Moscow, and Vienna, and the last is Masters in Paris. I hope that this will be my last tournament of the season and that I’m going to end the season with it. I did not want to go to Asia because I thought that I will not be able to achieve a good result due to the long trip. I am defending 80 points by the end of the year and those are only points from Casablanca. I am the only player between 60th and 100th place who defends 80 points, so that chances to fix my placement are really good,” said Dzumhur.

Damir has become an ambassador of the Museum of War Childhood.

“Museum of War Childhood has been created for a year and a half ago and we expect it to be open in the next few months. The museum is a continuation of the book that we wrote earlier. Today, we already have 3,000 items in the collection. The first ambassador of the museum is Damir Dzumhur, which makes me very happy. He belongs to our war generation, and we want to promote professional sport. Among other things, we want to say that peace has no alternative and that the future is in the sport, in this example, in museums and on the tennis courts,” said Jasminko Halilovic.

“I would like to thank Jasminko, who recognized me as one of the ambassadors. Many of you already know that I was born in 1992 in the war, and thank God I do not remember these things, but I’ve heard a lot of things and there is a connection. I hope that we will present ourselves in the best way possible in sports and culture.”


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