Džombić will greet Nikolić and Dačić at the airport

President of the Government of RS Aleksandar Džombić will greet the president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolić and Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić at the airport Banja Luka at 12 p.m.

After a welcoming ceremony, they will all go to the Palace of the Republic of Srpska, where they will participate in a session of the Council for Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

At this session, they will analyse current activities in the implementation of the Agreement on Special and Parallel Relations of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, and the plans for future cooperation.

They also planned to sign a Memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Justice of RS, Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Governance of RS and the Ministry of Justice of Serbia.

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