Dzaferovic to Serbian President: No one will ever dominate over Anyone here again

Sefik Dzaferovic, a member of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina commented on Serbia’s refusal to extradite Dusko Kornjaca, who is accused of war crimes in BiH and works as a doctor in Serbia.

Dzaferovic said today in Dreznica that it is a completely clear thing that Serbia does not want to extradite those who are indicted, and even those who have been convicted of war crimes committed in BiH, N1 reports.

“President Vucic’s statement is not from yesterday and did not say anything new. What we know is simply confirmed. I just wonder how the whole international community and the world public can listen to such news. We from BiH cannot do anything to change that policy, but the international community can,” he added.

Dzaferovic claims that there will be no progress in the Western Balkans until everyone faces the truth.

“And one of the key preconditions and an element of facing the truth is not to protect those who are accused and convicted of war crimes,” he pointed out.

He also sent a message to Vucic:

“No one will ever dominate anyone here again, let it be clear to everyone.”

“According to which law do you ask me to arrest Serbs? I will not, and I have no right under any law of the Republic of Serbia,” said Vucic.
He also commented on comments that he “protects war criminals”.
I do not protect, but I respect some principles. I will no longer listen to theories that Serbia has the most war criminals. I will not, I will not have such a theory and you cannot do anything to me, “Vucic told Serbian media.

According to the website of the Court of BiH, the Indictment charges the Accused Kornjaca with being in the area of ​​Cajnice Municipality in the period from mid-April 1992 to the end of June 1992, as part of a widespread and systematic attack by the Territorial Defense and the Cajnice Serb Police Station.

Kornjaca, as a conscious participant in a joint criminal enterprise, planned and ordered the persecution of the non-Serb population from the municipality of Cajnice.

Kornjaca has been living freely in Novi Sad for years, where he works as a doctor in a polyclinic.

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