Dzaferovic: There will be no Discussion about BiH at the Brdo-Brioni Forum

Member of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Dzaferovic said today in Sarajevo that there will be no discussion about Bosnia and Herzegovina at the summit of cooperation in the Western Balkans, the Brdo-Brioni Process, which will be held at the beginning of next week.

“We will talk about BiH here, in our country. We will discuss our European and NATO paths with our partners in Brussels. I am going to the Brdo-Brioni process for the purpose it was conceived and established. This is the tenth anniversary of the establishment of that platform for cooperation in Southeast Europe. All the countries of the former Yugoslavia, plus Albania, will be there to see how we can improve our mutual relations, and not for me or any of us from BiH to discuss Bosnia and Herzegovina at that forum,” said Dzaferovic.

He reiterated that there are no such discussions about any of the countries at such forums.

“We are going there as the Presidency of BiH as a whole to represent the positions of BiH when it comes to the improvement of cooperation with all countries that participate in the work of that platform,” said Dzaferovic.

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