During the 11th July: More than 20.000 Srebrenica Flowers distributed

srebrenica flowerWomen from the Association “Gracanica knitting“ sold more than 20.000 Srebrenica Flowers during 10th and 11th July in several cities in B&H, but that was not nearly enough to meet demands of all those who wanted to have it on their lapel at the 20th anniversary of the biggest genocide in Europe after the World War II.

President of the Association, Azemina Ahmedbegovic, explained that they distributed twice as much flowers as in the last year, but again they left without this symbol of suffering.

“We have worked all day and night, but we haven’t succeeded to meet all demands. The problem is that many institutions and non-governmental organizations contacted us few days before marking the 20th anniversary of the genocide, and we haven’t managed to meet the standard. All the time we asked them to order flowers at the time, but rare of them complied to it. Then suddenly, the demand was bigger than we could distribute. We are a non-profit organization and we cannot make large amounts of flower“, said Ahmedbegovic.

Srebrenica flower became a world popular symbol that reminds on innocent murdered Bosniaks during the genocide in the Eastern Bosnia in 1995, committed by Serbian forces in the protected zone of the UN.

(Source: nap.ba)

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