What did Duraković say after the Meeting with Party Leaders?

jerlagic2-545x400A meeting between leaders of parties and ćamil Duraković was held yesterday in the Hotel Holiday in Sarajevo. Mayor of Srebrenica said that they exchanged information from the field and discussed the situation prior to local elections in Srebrenica.

“I wanted to meet with the party leaders and inform then about situation in the field. These elections might be unfavorable for us and I want us all to involve more and get through these elections because I cannot do this on my own. I have support from all parties and we will get through these elections in the field. They wished me luck because Srebrenica is important for all political parties whose leaders were present at the meeting,” said the Mayor of Srebrenica.

Duraković added that fear exists because Bosniak returnees and Croats live in the entity which does some things self-initiatively, discriminating everyone else.

“There exists a certain level of fear from the upcoming Sunday (local elections on October 2) and the consequences it might bring if the politics that implemented the referendum finally takes over Srebrenica in political terms. In that case, political situation in BiH in the next ten to fifteen years would be entirely changed. Srebrenica is the only Municipality in Republika Srpska where authorities cannot do whatever they want. Referendum has not been implemented legally because I did not appoint the commission – they implemented it outside of all institutions. If we lose Srebrenica, we will not have the political power that we have now,” Duraković said.

When asked how great the influence of votes from Serbia is, Duraković said it is larger than 50 percent. Out of 7.700 Serb voters, almost 4.000 are from Serbia.

“In the field we have 3.000 Bosniaks and 3.300 Serbs, but we have 7.700 Serbs and 6.050 Bosniaks who vote in absence, so that nearly 4.000 people are voting from Serbia,” Duraković said.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH and President of the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) Bakir Izetbegović, President of the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) Fahrudin Radončić, President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Nermin Nikšić, leader of the Democratic Front (DF) Željko Komšić, and President of the Party for BiH Amir Jerlagić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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