Dumančić: We Will Continue Cooperation With Our Neighbors

bijačaAfter the official opening of the border crossing Bijača, the Director of the BiH Border Police Vinko Dumančić told journalists that today is a very nice day for BiH and the BiH Border Police.

He expressed confidence that the BIH Border Police will continue to work and to cooperation with its neighbors, and that it is ready to respond to tasks that are put in front of it, despite all the problems in BiH.

On the question of how to regulate local border traffic and how open the border crossing will be, Dumančić said that when it comes to cross-border traffic, 20 border crossings will be open, and that the border police will exert effort so that people living in border areas of about 5 kilometers would not have any problems after Croatia enters the EU.

Commenting on the cases of failure in obtaining a border pass, in contrast to the citizens of Croatia, Dumančić said that for 10 days new border crossings according to EU standards will be completed, and how all citizens that live in border zones would be able to get a pass.

Speaking on the travel documents required to enter Croatia, Dumančić said how BIH citizens that have biometric passports do not need a visa, while a visa is necessary for citizens with old passports.

“In Croatia, one can no longer travel with ID cards’’, said Dumančić.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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