Drones in BiH will not be able for use without Authorization

droneDirectorate of Civil Aviation of BiH (BHDCA), in cooperation with the competent authorities, should introduce regulation of the use of aircraft systems on the remote control. In this way, users of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles will have exactly prescribed measures of flight, and they will need to obtain a license to fly.

“There is a great importance of regulation in this area. In the jurisdiction of the Directorate is a security of all participants in air transport, so we have to protect the airspace in order to avoid security breaches because of drones,” said Expert Associate Public Relations in BHDCA, Aleksandar Lalovic.

Unmanned aircraft should be used only with the approval of the Directorate, in accordance with the commands of the flight rules. However, Lalovic said that the Directorate received only a few requests for operations with drones in recent years has.

“We do not have a lot of requests since there is no specific regulation for the use of drones. Approvals are mostly requested by people who are working at higher altitudes. Those who use drones for personal use, weddings and some marketing, do not ask for permission,” said Lalovic.

The Directorate, nor any other service, does not have records on the number of drones in our country, and their sales are not regulated in any way. From BHDCA said that they did not have any record on the breach of security by drones.

Asked when the adoption of the Rules can be expected, Lalovic said: “in mid-year”.

(Source: Dz. C./Klix.ba)

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