Driving Licence obtained by a Driver for the first Time will be issued with Validity Period of Two Years?

A category B driving license obtained by a driver for the first time will be issued with a validity period of only two years. Only when he extends it after that will he get it for ten years. This is foreseen by the Preliminary Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Basics of Road Traffic Safety in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nezavisne Novine writes.

In practice, this means that a new driver will have to spend both money and time again after two years.

The extension of the license costs a little more than 60 BAM, but that is not the only expense, because another novelty is planned, which also brings a cost.

Namely, according to the rules that are now in force, when you renew your driver’s license, you are not obliged to issue a medical certificate unless, for example, you have a license issued for a shorter period due to unfavorable health conditions.

If the law is passed, in the future we will all go for medical examinations during each license extension, and even young drivers, beginners, who received a license for only two years.

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