Drivers in Bosnia-Herzegovina fined for Slow Speed as well


While we are most often talking about traffic violations for exceeding the permitted speed of vehicle movement, dozens of drivers in our country are punished each year for slow speeds.

Several BiH’s interior ministries stated that only a few drivers were fined by police officers for slow driving last year. A maximum of ten drivers were fined in the Sarajevo Canton. In Zenica-Doboj Canton there were no cases of driver sanctions for slow driving, while in Una-Sana Canton there were several cases.

“There are very few cases of punishment for slow driving, although we can say that there are drivers in the traffic who operate the vehicle below the minimum permitted speed of movement of the vehicle,” Una Sana Canton spokesman Ale Siljdedic told Klix.ba news portal.

The Central Bosnia Canton Ministry of Internal Affairs also said that drivers are not often punished for slow driving.

“It is certain that we need to do something in such cases as well. It should be emphasized that there should be increased actions when it comes to such drivers, especially in urban areas and on open roads,” Hasan Hodzic, a spokesman for the Central Bosnia Canton stated.

According to the Law on Basics of Road Traffic Safety in BiH, the driver must not reduce the speed of movement of the vehicle to such an extent that his vehicle impedes the normal flow of traffic.

The fine for this misdemeanor is 30 BAM, but in the event that this misdemeanor caused a traffic accident, the perpetrator will be fined 50 to 150 BAM and the driver will be awarded one penalty point, as prescribed by law.




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