Dragoljub Kunarac charged of comitting War Crimes against Bosniaks

The indictee Dragoljub Kunarac (1960) is charged under three counts of the indictment alleges that in 1992 he committed war crimes against Bosniak victims in the Foca area.

A prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes filed an indictment against Dragoljub Kunarac, born in 1960 in Foca, a citizen of BiH, serving his prison sentence under an ICTY judgment.

The indictee is charged with the fact that during the war in BiH, within a widespread and systematic attack of the military, paramilitary and police forces of the Serb Republic of BiH and afterwards – of Republika Srpska, he carried out the persecution of Bosniak civilian population in the Foca area, acting contrary to the rules of international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions.

The indictee is charged with the fact that he, as a commander of the Special VRS Unit ‘Zaga’, along with other uniformed and armed members of the ‘Zaga’ unit, on 27 and 28 July 1992, from the area of villages and hamlets of Kobilja Ravan, Luka and Falovici – Podpece, within the persecution, took part in the killing of at least 6 persons, as well as in torturing and inflicting severe bodily and mental harm to captured civilians and deportation of Bosniak civilian population.

The indictee is also charged with having participated in burning houses and property down during this attack on civilian Bosniak civilians.

The indictee is charged with the criminal offence of Crimes against Humanity in violation of Article 172 (1) (h) as read with paragraphs (a), (d) and (f) thereof, in conjunction with Article 180 (1) and Article 29 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina will prove the allegations from the indictment by calling 45 witnesses and by filing around 205 pieces of material evidence.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.


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