Dragan is the only Child in the Village between Lika, Dalmatia and Bosnia

February 19, 2018 12:30 PM

Seven-year-old Dragan Vladusic is the only child in the village Tiskovac and he walkes 17 kilometers to get to school in Bosansko Grahovo.

The village of Tiskovac is located between Lika, Dalmatia and Bosnia. It is located on the border of BiH and Croatia. The Una railroad, which used to connect Zagreb and Split, is passing through this village. Today, only rails and memories are left.

“You see, there are now a few residents in this village, mostly older people. It used to be full of people, we had cafes, school, church, railway station, and now it is a desert. Everywhere silence. We can only hear the song of birds flying around,” said Vladusic.

Bosansko Grahovo is 18 kilometers away, when using the shorter route, and the route is longer through Strmice, but then they need to cross Croatia in order to get to Grahovo. A seven-year-old boy Dragan goes to school in Grahovo.

The worst thing for his parents is that Dragan is the only child in the village, and his nearest company are the four girls who live in Strmice, which is about seven kilometers away.

Luckily, Dragan is one of favourite children in his class. However, when he returns home, he is still the only child in Tiskovac.

The Vladusic family, despite the circumstances in which they live, is a happy family.

Dragan’s healthy pink cheeks are giving them hope in better days and the faith in life. Every guest is welcomed in their house. With a big heart, a good character, and honesty, Vladusic family are staying in their village of Tiskovac.

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