Draft Development Strategy of the Sarajevo Canton until 2020 adopted

vlada ksGovernment of the Sarajevo Canton adopted the Draft Development Strategy of the Sarajevo Canton until 2020 at the session held yesterday.

Institute for Planning of Development of the Sarajevo Canton will prepare a draft solution for appointment of members of the new Cantonal Board for Development. Together with representatives of the Institute, this body will be obliged to prepare and design the operational part of this strategy, i.e. its Action Plan of implementation from 2016 until 2018.

Development Strategy of the Sarajevo Canton until 2020 is a document imposed by European practices and whose adoption will allow cantonal institutions to apply for funds from pre-accession funds of the European union. Primary aim of the Strategy is to create vision and goals of development through evaluation of external and internal environment, to develop foundations for public policies that are implemented through adequate projects in the fields important for economic, social and environmental development, and to ensure the use of public resources as support for achievement of developmental goals, policies and projects for the development of the Sarajevo Canton.

After a public debate on this document, the Institute received 1116 objections and amendments to the projects. Adopted objections and amendments were incorporated nito the draft of this document which is also compliant with the Draft Program of public investments of the Sarajevo Canton from 2017 until 2019.

Approximate funds necessary for implementation of this strategy until 2020 are estimated to 1.397.257.700 BAM and they will be directed to the implementation of five key strategic aims. Over 700.000 BAM are planned for the implementation of strategic aim related to responsible management of environment, space, nature and infrastructure resources. funds amounting to over 462 million BAM will be directed to the strategic im which refers to the creation of conditions for social-economic growth and reduction of poverty, as well as for improving availability and reliance of all public services.

It is planed to direct more than 14 million BAM to the improvement of adminsitrative and business environment for accelerated economic growth, as well as for the improvement of economic structure with the aim of increasing export of goods and services. Around 75 million BAM will be spent to increase employment and create new, better valued workplaces, and more than 18 million BAM will be spent to improve the system of development management of the Sarajevo Canton.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: vlada.ks.gov.ba)

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