Dorde Stanojcic is the last Miller in Banja Luka


The story of the last miller in Banja Luka Đorđe Stanojčić can begin with these verses of Ćopić. For the last eight years, after having lost his 25-year-long post service, he has been pouring wheat, rye, buckwheat down the mill wheel.

“Yes, I lost my job, and one must work. Then I engaged myself in this job. This is actually a family tradition. I’m not worried whether someone will continue this work. I have a son and grandchildren, they are somewhat interested in this job, but actually my wife and I are here mostly. Everyone is willing to help, always and without problems, even though they all have their jobs”, said Đorđe, also known as Brko among the locals in Krupa, on Vrbas.

He grinds buckwheat, rye, wheat, yellow and white corn, every day on two mills. He knows everything about each cereal, although he says there’s actually nothing to it.

”As for milling, everything is done in the same way. There is no separate process. Corn must be a little finer, buckwheat as well. Only rye should be a little coarser, because there is plenty of moisture in it and it should be a little more rough. Buckwheat has recently become rather requested and purchased a lot. Not only as grains, but as flakes and flour as well”, said Stanojčić.

He buys the cereals himself, and rarely goes to the village to get them. Only for rye he goes to the village of Stričići, where high-quality and not-sprayed rye thrives.

“I sow buckwheat at an altitude of 600 meters. It requires no treatment, no fertilization, no manure. It is an autonomous plant. For me, the most important thing is that the customers are satisfied. If they do not like the flour, then I worked for nothing. I grind 100-150 kilograms of flour a day, which means that the demand certainly exists”, concludes Stanojčić.

(Source: klix.ba)

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