Donator of Lifts in Sarajevo Gave a Donation Worth 3,8 Million Swiss Francs

komsic_zicaraThe initiator of the donation of the lifts in Sarajevo from the Winter Center Grachen Edmond Offerman offered the city of Sarajevo a private donation in the amount of 3,8 million Swiss Francs.

Together with the Ambassador of Switzerland Andre Schaller, Offerman met with the Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić.

‘’This is a material donation, which includes electromechanical installation, made up of the control unit and motor-hearts of lifts, which will delivered and installed by a special international company based on my choice’’, said Offerman.

It was also noted that in his offer he expressed support to the expert team of Swiss engineers, and the condition that everything is installed and implemented according to European standards. Offerman said that the donation does not include the construction of departure and arrival stations, construction of columns, alignment lifts and project management, and that this is the obligation of the city. The condition that Offerman made is for the first column to be installed by the end of May 2015, in order to have access to the installation of electromechanical equipment.

In the end he expressed hope that citizens in 2016 will be able to use the Trebević lift.

The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the generous donation, and said that this donation completes the equipment that was donated earlier for the Trebević lift.

(Source: Indikator.ba)

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