Donation of Association of Employers in FB&H to SOS Children’s Village B&H

sos_djecije_seloRepresentatives of the Association of Employers of the FB&H visited today the SOS Children’s Village in Gračanica, where they signed an agreement on cooperation and handed over a valuable donation in the amount of 5.040,00 BAM to cover the annual cost of school supplies, books, materials and school obligations for two seven-member families of SOS families.

During the gathering with the SOS families, representatives of the Association of Employers of the FB&H had the chance to hear from the children how they learn and how they spend their leisure time, and what they would like to be when they grow up.

They used this opportunity to speak with the children on the importance of education, learning and training. They expressed hope that some of the children that they met would end up being the leaders of successful companies and that they would work directly on the development of the economy, and therefore the community.

‘’A socially responsible economic sector that offers support to families and invests in the education of children and youth ensures a competitive personnel, as well as a healthy and successful society’’, said a representative of the Association of Employers of the FB&H.

(Source: Fena; Photo Source: Facebook)

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