Dogs Trust BH Commemorated Their First Year in B&H

dogs trust2Charity Dogs Trust which is conducting a five year project marked its first year of operation. On this occasion, there was a reception where Anel Bećirović, campaign manager of DT BH, addressed the guests.

“There are two reasons why the charity with its headquarters in Great Britain decided to conduct a five year program, worth five million euros, in Bosnia and Herzegovina: that is first and foremost a good and systematically oriented animal welfare law adopted in 2009 which represents a direction in which the entire European legal system is headed towards, at least in regards of dog population management. Second, equally important reason, was the need that Bosnia and Herzegovina to ensure an infrastructure necessary for its unobstructed application” Bećirović said.

Talking about sterilisation campaigns, Bećirović announced a new sterilisation campaign in the Sarajevo Canton. “Dogs Trust firmly believes that sterilisation of owned dogs is one of the staple ways to prevent the rise of stray dogs in the streets. We are aware of the burden which sterilisation of owned dogs can have on the budget of citizens-dog owners therefore our next campaign will ensure free sterilisation for owned dogs. We claim, based on our 120 year experience that this is the most important step in establishing a system which will ensure a long-term and stable system of dog population management in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Bećirović concluded.



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