Dodik to the US Ambassador: Enough interference in the Internal Affairs of the Country in which you are Ambassador

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik told US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson that there was enough interference in the internal affairs of the country where he is the ambassador.

Asked to comment on Nelson’s statement that “sanctions are possible against those politicians who undermine progress in the Western Balkans, as well as against those who support them in that,” Dodik answered that he has had enough of his lessons for his hosts.

“That’s enough, it has to stop here, Mr. Nelson, don’t you think this applies to you as well?” Enough of your interference in the internal affairs of the country in which you are the ambassador. There are a lot of your lessons that you teach to your hosts “, Dodik pointed out.

Dodik also told Nelson that it is enough to be silent when others slander Serbs that they are a bad people, call them “genocides”, and he is very loud when, in his opinion, something is said to others.

“It is enough, Mr. Nelson, to be silent when others are collecting weapons for God’s sake and when they are calling for some kind of revenge.

“I agree, Mr. Nelson, that it is enough to bring us illegal international governors, it is enough to pretend to protect the Dayton Agreement, and you are massively violating all its provisions,” Dodik pointed out.

He also emphasized that it was enough for Nelson to work persistently against the Serbs. “

“It is enough, Mr. Nelson, to play the role of a democrat and support the long-standing practice of imposing laws, without any basis, of an unelected foreigner, whom you and your country support. That’s enough, really enough! Too much, “Dodik told the US ambassador to BiH, Srna news agency reports.

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