Dodik reveals Details about the Protests of Opposition

dodikThe ruling coalition of RS today held a meeting in the Palace of the President of the RS and talked about the future meeting of support for RS, and they did not avoid talks about the protests that parties of Alliance for Change announced. The overall conclusion of the ruling coalition is that the opposition wants to create riots in this entity.

“We have addressed all political parties with the aim of purposefulness of organizing future meeting and protests and in order of all of this to happen in a democratic capacity. Alliance for Change did not respond to this meeting and I am sorry for that,” said President of RS Milorad Dodik after the meeting.

Milorad Dodik used the opportunity in addressing the reporters to condemn opposition parties in RS on several occasions for betrayal of this entity and presented the conclusion that the opposition forces are in the collusion with foreign organizations that provide them with the support, and that between them are also Turkish authorities that showed at the opening of the Ferhadija showed that they are working against the interests of RS.

According to President of DNS, protest against the government as conceived by the Alliance for Change is hard to imagine, because some of these opposition parties are in the government at the state level.

“I think that this act of opposition is irresponsible. This is the 4th time that they refuse the invitation of the President of RS to come to talk. Although we have different opinions, we need to talk and to agree for the stability of the RS and to create conditions for its normal democratic life,” said the President of the Socialist Party, Petar Djokic.

He emphasized that the RS is free democratic community of free people and that it should remain like that.

He said that it was evident that some factors from the outside related with elements inside are bothered with the stability that is ensured by coalition government in RS.

“The opposition cannot get used to this fact and they are working to undermine the stability of the RS. So, we had to organize our meeting on the same day on the 14th of May, just to show that we are not without the support of the citizens of RS,” concluded Djokic.

(Source: E. B./Klix.ba)

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