Dodik is on the Blacklist of the USA

DodikMilorad Dodik is under the sanctions of the united States of America, confirmed the State Department.

This is published on the Office of Foreign Assets Control official website – OFAC, says TV1.

On the official website, it is written: the following individual has been added to the SDN list (blacklist): Dodik, Milorad, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina; date of birth 12 Mar 1959; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS].

The Office of Foreign Assets Control – OFAC at the Ministry of Finance of the United States has been implementing programs of economic sanctions, comprehensive or selective, with blocking agents.

“Prohibited transactions” are financial transactions in which persons from the United States cannot participate, unless OFAC approves.

“Freezing of assets” is the act of controlling the targeted assets and these prohibitions vary from program to program. Each program is based on various foreign policy and national security objectives of the US.

What is in BiH called “black list” is basically Specially Designated Nations (SDN). OFAC publishes a list of natural or legal persons (SDN), who are prohibited the entry into the US or their assets in the United States is freeze.

(Source: vijesti.ba)



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