Doctors of University Clinical Center of Republika Srpska will soon be educated in American Hospitals

Vlado Djajic, General Director of the University Clinical Center (UCC) of Republika Srpska (RS), stated yesterday in Banja Luka that UCC doctors will go to some of the most prestigious health institutions in the United States (U.S.) for professional training in the following period, after visiting the owner and director of the U.S. company ”Bell international laboratories”, Mohammad Saremi.

He pointed out that this education will be possible thanks to the cooperation of the UCC with the owner and director of the large U.S. company “Bell international laboratories” Mohammad Saremi, who visited the largest health institution in RS yesterdayand will bear all the costs of departure of doctors in the U.S., their stay, and education.

“This is a special day for UCC and we are honored to have a guest like this. We have agreed on what is most important to us, and that is staff education. The plan is for at least two of our doctors to be trained in prestigious American hospitals every month, ” Djajic told reporters.

Also, he noted that the common goal is to improve the health care system in the RS, which is why the world’s most eminent experts from various fields come to the UCC.

”In past days, we have had top experts in the field of thoracic surgery here. We continue with the practice of bringing world experts to Banja Luka, and at the same time we send our doctors for education around the world, ” stated Djajic.

Mohammad Saremi emphasized that this cooperation startedafter his father-in-law, who was infected with the coronavirus, was treated at the UCC and rescued after 50 days on mechanical ventilation.

“In much larger hospitals, they fail to keep such patients alive. I am surprised that there is a hospital in this area that has this level of intensive care, both for covid patients and other patients. That is why I want to do everything I can to contribute to the improvement of the work of this institution, ” stressed Saremi.

When it comes to the agreed education, he stated that it will be focused on the development of intensive care, especially in the field of pediatrics, then on the development of surgical disciplines such as cardiac surgery, as well as on the improvement of the research process.

Saremi added that the plan is to enable institutional cooperation of the UCC with recognizable health institutions in the U.S., BHRT writes.

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