Doctors of the University Clinical Center Tuzla volunteer to treat Returnees in the RS

Doctors of the University Clinical Center (UCC) Tuzla, headed by prof. dr. Sekib Umihanic is going to Srebrenica to perform examinations of citizens who need some of the health services.

Their activities are intentionally and voluntary, with the aim of providing the best possible protection to returnees in the Republika Srpska (RS), regardless of religion, nation, or skin color.

This weekend, professor of otorhinolaryngology, Sekib Umihanic visited Potocari with his colleagues in order to do systematic examinations of 80 students who use Emaus boarding schools.

”According to the available information, so far the children of returnees in RS have not been subjected to systematic examinations in schools, which should otherwise be mandatory. Special attention should be paid to students who are educated in the “Educational Center” Nova Kasaba, where children are deprived of the right to education in the Elementary School Konjevic Polje and thus exposed to segregation and discrimination by the education system of a smaller BiH entity. My colleagues and I are available for examinations of both children and adult patients where necessary, regardless of territory, religion, and nation in the spirit of the basic principles of humanity that we long ago committed to when joining our honorable profession, doctor of medicine, ” noted prof. Umihanic.

On Saturday, the team consisted of three dentists, two medical doctors, three speech therapists, one pediatrician, an internal medicine specialist, and an otorhinolaryngology specialist.

Based on the needs of the population, there is also a team of surgeons and psychiatrists. The team is expanding according to patient requirements.

As Umihanic said for agency Fena, his colleagues will also come to every area where their professional help is needed.

”There is a certain dose of social responsibility in all of us so we must be ready for these tasks and this type of obligation, ” Umihanic stated.

In the upcoming period, doctors plan to expand their activities to more remote places in Podrinje so that all returnees have equal health care, Federalna writes.


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