Do you know the Story that the entire Yugoslavia was talking about in 1985?

We already wrote about Drazenka Culjak and the events in 1985 that marked her and her sister Sima’s life, which was one of the main topics in Yugoslavia back then.

They spent seven days in a pit, trapped in snow and ice, and they were saved by hunters from surrounding village in the Municipality of Siroki Brijeg thanks to lucky circumstances. They went to treatment in Belgrade later, and their story went all over Yugoslavia. A few years later, a little girl was born in Pljevlje in Montenegro in the family Laketic and she was named after Drazenka Culjak.

She did not know anything about the woman she was named after and who moved to Canada until she read texts published in the media. She contacted some media, took the phone number of Drazenka Culjak, and they are contacting on a daily basis ever since. Younger Drazenka even came from Pljevlje to Mostar to finally meet the person she was named after.

“All I knew was that I was named after one of the sisters who had been trapped in the pit covered in snow, but I imagined my own version of the story. I thought that they were old women who were trapped in their house due to large snowfall that cut them off from the rest of the village. And I thought that they were forgotten there, left without food and water, and some rescuers accidentally found them after seven days,” said Drazenka Laketic.

Everything changed since she read the story of these two sisters on the portal Fokus.ba. Drazenka Laketic called Toronto after she received the phone number and they started writing and socializing then.

“It is a great feeling to sit next to the woman whose life can be a real movie story… It seems to me that I was the least impressed by her success in sports and medals that she won in kayak in Canada… I was much more impressed by her positive attitude, and the desire to learn new things. Moreover, I was impressed the most by Drazenka’s modesty. I returned from Mostar full of great impressions,” stated Laketic.

After the story that was published in February, other media in BiH wrote about sisters Culjak as well, and “Večernji list” decided to award the recognition of “Pride of BiH” to them at the recent ceremony of “Vecernjakov pecat”. That was the main reason for the visit of Drazenka Culjak to Mostar. She is planning to visit her homeland again soon, this time because of the premiere of the film “Sestre (Sisters)”, which is dedicated to days they spent trapped in the snow and ice.

(Source: fokus.ba)







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