Do you know the Story about the Town known as Bosnian Venice?



The walls of the medieval town of Jajce were carefully preserved in this small town, which is also known as “Bosnian Venice”.

It was the only fortress-urban settlement with all the features of an urban center back in the 15th century, and even today it is the most impressive and most imposing building in Jajce, whose construction marked the establishment of the town of Jajce.

It is still interesting to our historians because of the traces of the building that existed in this locality before this fortress, which we can see today and that remained intact to a large extent, and this can be seen on the stone that slightly differs in the lower layers of the fortress, or in its foundations.

In the past, this fortress was also known as “unconquerable” due to its size, high walls and drinking water at its very top.

Besides the fortress, the former royal town is rich in natural beauty as well – beautiful waterfalls surrounded by greenery and beautiful terraces that offer a beautiful view, as well as the beautiful lakes on Pliva River with the unavoidable mills.

This town has 29 other national monuments and its history is witnessed by the clock tower, museum, numerous mosques and other cultural and historical objects.

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