Do You know Story about Waterfall that appears only after Rain?

Large Movran is a really unique attraction, a 584 meters high waterfall that is considered to be one of the largest in the region, and you can see it only after heavy rains. It is located in Dreznica, a small village in the area between Mostar and Jablanica, which is characterized with beautiful, intact nature.

Dreznica village is located in the canyon of Drezanka River, the right tributary of Neretva, which is about 30 kilometers north of Mostar. Drezanka River flows through a beautiful canyon between two big mountains, Cabulja and Cvrsnica. The visit to Dreznica itself can be a great trip as well, and if you include a search for the Great Movran, the ambience will be just perfect.

The Great Movran is the highest waterfall in our country and region for sure, and it is also considered to be among the highest ones in Europe. According to many people, it is 584 meters high, and its starting point is at 1.383 meters and ending at 799. Some people say that the waterfall is 395 meters high, but it depends on the method of calculation and the category of classification of this natural attraction.

Movran is not a waterfall with constant character. Only few people can see it and witness its remarkable beauty while looking at the southern rocks of Cvrsnica Mountain. The Great Movran actually represents a huge drainage tube in which the water is collected during the entire year, and when the mountain slip is completely filled, during the heavy rains, Movran explodes and appears in front of the observers.

Since you can see Movran only once during the season, after heavy rains, it is necessary to plan a “hunt” on it. This unique scene can last for only a couple of hours, and therefore, you should also include this data in the planning of the search.

Thirty kilometers from Mostar to Dreznica and additional 40 minute’s drive through a really beautiful canyon, are real feast for the eyes and soul. The road is bumpy and narrow, you can also bump into some mudslide, but everything else is just perfect.

The location of the Great Movran is not difficult to find; but there is a large risk that you will not find it, that the water will dry up, and you will be left waiting for the next fall and the next season of rain.

But after a successful search, while you are summarizing all the impressions and beautiful photos you just took, you cannot help but think that you do not have to fly to Africa or South America to see some spectacular wonders of nature, it is enough to start exploring your own municipality first, and just maybe a little bit further.

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