Do Not Miss the Silent Disco at Mucha Lucha Summer Festival!

partyMucha Lucha Open Air Summer Festival from 16th to 24th August will be dedicated to all those who go beyond the music and open up space for new genres.

During the nine days of sunshine, we will promote high-quality sound of Outlook and Festival Dimensions will be presented by a rich line filled up with more than 40 performers”, say the organizers.

Silentdiscohas recently returnedin a newguise. All thosewho has enjoyed thesilentdiscopartiesor as  authentically versionknown asDeafdiscoheldlast yearin the great hallof SarajevoartcinemaKriterion, now have the opportunity to enjoy theSarajevosummer nightsdancingin the open air– in frontof the Bosnian Culturalcenter.

On Thursday, 22 August starting at 20 am, Silent Disco will be held at Mucha Lucha Summer Festival, where through the headphones’ music, in summer open air space within Valter Perić in front of Cafe Bar Hag at Kotromanića 48, will be credited the following teams: Said5, Bonjasky, Rimaad, Riven, Zlijay, Mr. Mehikano and Matti.

Otherwise, silent disco or party with headphones is the name of the party where people dance to the music they listen through wireless headphones. The loud music is replaced by FM transmitterreceiver over wireless headphones that carry each participant. Silent disco is popular at music festivals because it allows dancing and listening to music beyond the permitted time.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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