Djokovic visits Pyramids in Visoko again

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, arrived in Sarajevo on Friday, and today in the afternoon he headed to the city center, and after that to Visoko pyramids.

This is Djokovic’s fourth visit to the BiH capital. He was in Sarajevo for the first time in June last year with his parents, and the second time he came in October last year with his wife, after the defeat in the Roland Garros final by Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic came to Sarajevo for the third time at the beginning of May this year, and every time the reason for coming to our country was to go to pyramid.

This time, Djokovic is staying in Sarajevo, at the Pino Nature Hotel in Trebevic, without his wife Jelena, and his children Stefan and Tara are with him. He used the beginning of today for a walk with the dog, enjoying the fresh air on Trebevic.

Already last night, immediately after arriving in Sarajevo, Djokovic stayed in Visoko and visited the Ravna complex. Djokovic previously said that he felt reborn in the Ravne 2 Archaeological Park and that coming to Visoko was used to replenish energy for the next sports challenges, writes.

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